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Puppy Classes-Puppy1

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Private Tuition

Puppy socialisation and behavioural training from vaccination




We also offer private tuition tailored to any specific needs of your dog.

. Puppy 1 is a brand new course that is structured for early training and socialisation of puppies from Vaccination up until 5 months of age.


.The course runs for six weeks and costs £75


. On your course you will cover basic criteria such as, learning bonding and socialisation skills, loose lead walking, our fun recall program, basic control and management techniques such as learning to wait on a target, and lots more, plus it is all delivered in our Island renowned positive style, using the most modern training techniques so that training  is always engaging for your puppy and fun for you

To apply for a space on our next available course email


[email protected]



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Our Puppy 2 is the perfect lead on from the Puppy 1 course, and set at an achievable level for puppies approaching adolescence.


. This six week certificated course progresses through the exercises such as lead walking, recall, control and management, toy interaction, scent training, and tricks.


.The course costs £75 for your six weeks and classes are small to adhere to government guidelines.





Tel : 07797 731 557  


Email: [email protected]

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